pho-donDon Gillmore, BS, LMT.  State licensed (15 yrs) massage therapist offers deep tissue therapy, sports massage, hot stone massage, far infrared sauna and ion detox foot bath services. I enjoy canoeing, camping, hiking, woodworking, website development and aviation history.




JBowthorpeJanie Bowthorpe, patient activist. In 2002, when Armour changed my life ten-fold, I realized there needed to be someone who took at ACTIVIST approach towards change in thyroid treatment & a sharp focus towards desiccated thyroid.  She formed ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness’ (STTM) a patient-to-patient movement for bettter thyroid treatment!
Lana_0182Lana Wheeler, BA, LMT. State licensed massage therapist (10 yrs). I graduated from Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in 1998.  I find it useful to combine Swedish, Myofacial and Neruomuscular therapies and work using long strokes to encourage deep relaxation.