Supplementing with Fish Oil Only May be Ruining Your Health

I know supplementing with fish oil is very popular by many of us wanting to make sure they are getting essential fatty acids (EFAs). I have been doing it too, but I just ran across a very convincing report by Brian Peskin, a prominent health researcher and author that points out that there are only two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (LA) and linolenic acid (ALA). He refers to these as ‘parent’ omega-6 & omega-3 respectively. LA & ALA are essential fatty acids, because our bodies can not manufacture them on their own and they are needed in several chemical reactions throughout our bodies.  He then states that fish oil contains mostly omega-3 derivative oils [B]NOT[/B] ALA essential fatty acid.  Promoting fish oil as an EFA supplement is a scam!

Peskin then points out that in nature (including our various organs and brain) omega-6 & omega-3 EFAs usually occur together with omega-6 predominating. He is emphatic that omega-6 EFA is crucial to our long-term health. Omega-6 oils get a bad rap because they turn into damaging trans-fatty acids when hydrogenated, fried, grilled or otherwise exposed to high cooking temperatures.  Heat also damages omega-3 fatty acids, but they do not produce the high percentage of trans-fatty acids.

His most unsettling statement is that supplementing with predominantly omega-3 derivative oils (fish oil only) can suppress your immune system, reduce oxygen carrying capacity of our cells, increase risk of cancer, increase bruising, reduce injury healing, not protect the heart and the list goes on…

I know this has been an eye opener for me. I intend to look for an EFA supplement, which has the omega-6/3 balance he recommends. This link will take you to a page with several of Brian Peskin’s reports. Check out  ‘The Scientific Calculation of the Optimum PEO Ratio’. Then make up your own mind.

Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist(15 yrs), B.S.- Life Sciences


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