Oxy-Powder for Colon Cleansing

In my last post about the importance of incorporating colon cleansing in your detoxification program, I mentioned using Oxy-Powder in lieu of colon hydrotherapy or enemas. Mucoidal plaque is real, but just how prevalent it is in the average person’s colon is widely debated. I believe that it can be a serious problem, especially if one eats very little fiber or has chronic constipation.  Unfortunately, many colon cleansing ‘kits’ on the market are exorbitantly expensive considering that the main component is psyllium with a blend of herbs, supplements and maybe some bentonite clay. 

Psyllium expands in the digestive tract and becomes a mucilaginous fiber that helps bond other intestinal contents and sweep them from your colon.  This is a good thing. I have used psyllium during fasts to ensure that toxins released into the colon during fasting are flushed out and not reabsorbed. However, where there is a potential for profit, there are inevitably, scam artists ready to take advantage of the unwary.  Maddie Ruud, freelance writer and health blogger has written a excellent article, ‘Colon Cleanse Products: Good Plan or a Scam?’, exposing the pricing scam and scare tactics used by some cleanse manufacturers. Her advice to incorporate lots of fiber into your diet and drink lots of water is sound, but this may not be enough to cleanse an already toxic colon.  One with pockets of encrusted fecal matter and bacteria, which may be harboring other chemicals and parasites.

A secondary concern is that for someone with a heavily compacted  or constipated colon, these psyllium products can further ‘bind up’ your colon creating extreme pressure and discomfort. 

Back to Oxy-Powder.  It is an organic oxygen delivery catalyst, which has been especially designed to melt away compacted waste safely and effectively.  No psyllium. No herbs. No bentonite clay. No expense … well, no the cost of a one month’s supply does cost approximately $40.  Maybe the chemical powders can be found less expensively in bulk.  I haven’t researched it.  I have used Oxy-Powder several times and I believe it is an effective alternative to expensive colon hydrotherapy sessions.


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