Evaluating Priorities for Health and Connectedness

As massage therapists and bodyworkers we are sometimes confronted with the thought, “Why am I doing this?”.  Maybe in spite of all our efforts a client isn’t improving, maybe we have received negative feedback about our work, it may happen when there is more month at the end of the money or maybe we feel too exhausted to enjoy friends, family and free time.  Most often the answer is clear after a moment’s reflection, but if you are feeling mentally or physically exhausted due to your focus on your work, you need to step back and evaluate your priorities.

Life is often what happens while we are focused on some future event, goal or reward.  So life (and that includes work) must be lived (ie, experienced in the present) to it’s fullest at all times. If you can’t do that and a change in perspective is unlikely to help, then you should change how or what you are doing. 

Less drastic than changing careers, physical exercise is one means of improving mental outlook and physical well being. A fellow twitter user, Jasper Silvas wrote a concise post on “Improving Your Health to Enjoy Your Wealth“, which is worth reading. As always, I would temper his advice on exercise frequency and diet with recommendations from the Blood Type diet books by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

I would also say that wealth should not necessarily be measured in dollars, posessions or the number of followers on the internet. It might be measured in the number of people’s lives you have improved in some way.

O’kay, … this is sounding a little unfocused and not well said, but I think good health and a combination of physical exertion, mental focus and reflective relaxation are necessary for a life well lived. It’s probably a good thing that no one else reads these blogs anyway!

Don Gillmore, 15 year massage therapist, lover of the outdoors and disjointed thinker

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