Health Condition Diagnosis by Expert System “Analyst”?

I just ran across the “Analyst” on It is a computer program known as an ‘expert system’, which relies on a 900 question patient input form to suggest possible health conditions based on symptoms rather than lab tests.

Ever since college (back when computers took up entire rooms and and had a total of 256 KB memory – that’s righ KB, not MB or GB of memory), I have been intrigued with modeling the human body’s physiological functions on computer. In a former life, I spent untold hours chained to a computer developing rules for a rudimentary (non-medical) expert system. I know that the output is only as good as the combination of input, decision making algorithms and rules, but even rudimentary systems can be useful. Because of this, I have a certain fascination for the possibility of expert systems to assist human decision making. “Analyst” recommends alternative medical cures rather than pharmaceutical prescription, but does recommend lab tests where appropriate. They also provide a free online list of practioners in your area with whom you may consult.

After filling out the online questionaire (about 1 hour of your time) a report will be emailed to you. The FREE report is an abbreviated computer only report. $25 for full computer only report (about 67 pgs), $55 for computer report w/ doctor (MD, ND, or DC) review (additional 4-5 pgs). $77 for report and doctor review including some email consultation.

Most of the recommendations are for dietary modification, supplements and detoxification. Just what I would say is appropriate in lieu of any acute medical emergency or health condition. I am available, at my office, for consultation on specific detoxification programs and can provide either ion detox foot bath or far infrared sauna sessions for full body sweat detoxification.

As I have no insurance or regular doc, I may give “Analyst” a try. My last physical from the VA basically said that if I had a heart beat, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke and didn’t have diabetes, I must be in good health!

Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist(15 yrs), B.S.- Life Sciences


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