Book Review: Live Right 4(For) Your Type

Live Right 4Live Right 4 Your Type: The individualized Prescription for Maximising Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life
by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney,
G.P. Putnum’s Sons, New York, NY, 2001. ISBN 0-399-14673-3.
Reviewed by Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist

Everything I said in an earlier post about Dr. D’Adamo’s first book Eat Right 4 Your Type applies here.  Dr. D’Adamo is a second generation Naturopathic physician and in his first book he presented the case that there are four broadly defined diets, exercise regimens, and personalities, which correlate to the four major human blood types of Group O, A, B & AB. This book is the result of further in-depth study of the relationship between food, personality, and health risks to the four major blood groups and sub-types such as secreator vs. non-secretor and Lewis factor.  Where applicable, he also refines his dietary advice by stressing differences for young children, older children and seniors from the general advice for that blood group.

To use the refined information in this book effectively, it is important to determine one’s secretor status. This is especially true if the basic dietary advice for your blood type isn’t working for you or you already have serious health issues. He explains that secretor status can require an expensive lab test or be done “quick & dirty” with a test for your Lewis group when your basic blood type is determined.  This is not 100% accurate, but it does have a high probability of correlation to secretor status.  If you don’t know your blood type or secretor status, Dr. D’Adamo offers kits for home blood type testing & secretor saliva swab kits at his internet store site.

The Eat Right & Live Right diet books are the first dietary advice that makes sense to me. I have never bought the ‘One Vegetarian Diet’ fits all idea.  I have recommended this book to several friends.  Many have lost weight without restricting calories. Some have cleared up life-long digestive system symptoms.  An ongoing informal survey of my massage clients suggests that the broad guidelines outlined by Dr. D’Adamo are valid.  It isn’t absolutely necessary to read the Ear Right book before you read this one, but I think it makes sense to do so as it lays down the philosophical as well as scientific basis for this dietary approach. I highly recommend this book.


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