Full Body Detoxification What is it?

Detox Foot Bath Water after 30 mins.

Detox Foot Bath Water after 30 mins.

This is the first post in what I intend to be a series of in depth discussions regarding alternative therapy detoxification strategies and specific methods.

Detox, Detoxification or Detoxifying the Body – refers to a myriad of therapies, which are intended to rid the body of accumulated cell wastes, drugs, environmental chemicals, heavy metals and parasites (fungus, mold, pathogenic bacteria, virus, or worms). It may also include the elimination of negative thought patterns and emotions. The liver detoxifies our blood, but may have been stressed to the point that it can not detoxify itself. The lymph system filters fungus, mold, and bacteria from our blood, but may also harbor these organisms in a latent state. Gallstones are usually a combination of cholesterol, bile and/or mineral salts, which can accumulate in the gall bladder. Kidney stones are crystalline structures, which can accumulate in the kidney. Drugs and environmental chemicals can be stored in our adipose (fat) tissue. Due to cosmetics, antiperspirants or lack of sweating our skin pores may be blocked from normal elimination of cell wastes. Our colon may harbor parasites (fungus, mold, pathogenic bacteria, virus, or worms).

Therapies my include, but are not limited to: detoxification diets, fasting, colloidal silver, ozonated water or air, colon hydrotherapy, massage, manual lymphatic drainage, liver detox, gall bladder flush, use of heat (saunas) to induce sweating, ioncleanse foot bath, and pulsed electromagnetic therapies.  Many people are now going to holistic dentists to have mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with ceramic fillings.

Look for my next post where I will discuss planning a detoxification strategy.  Sylvie Beljanski has an well thought out and well written article “Detoxification for Optimum Health“, which I recomend for further reading on this topic.

Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist(15 yrs), B.S.- Life Sciences


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