Book Review: The Chakra Handbook

The Chakra Handbook: From basic understanding to practical application-
A comprehensive guide to harmonizing the energy centers with music, colors, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zones massage, aspects of nature and meditation,
by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski, 
Lotus Light Publications, 1999. ISBN 0-941524-85-X.

Reviewed by
Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist

Well the title says it all!  This is the most complete and readable single book on chakras I have found so far.  If you want to read one book on chakras and various Chakra therapies that will give you useful information that you can begin to apply immediately, this is it!  The authors present the information clearly with lots of illustrations and charts for explanation and later reference.  First published in German in 1988 and in English in 1991, the book covers explanations of the subtle energy bodies, chakras, human life development (via the chakras), blockages and how to eliminate them, astrological associations, cleansing therapies, reflex zone chakra massage, chakra breathing, transmission of the ‘life force energy’ (Reiki), and a guided meditation through your Chakras in a 190 page paperback. 

As a massage therapist, I have been interested in Chakras and Chakra therapy for over seven years and I wish I had found this book sooner. I have read several esoteric treatises that were less informative and almost useless to me as a therapist.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Chakras or how to clear energy imbalances through the Chakras.


Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist(15 yrs), B.S.- Life Sciences


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