Sports Massage for Injury Prevention

Summer is in full swing and many people are active outdoors, running, bicycling, swimming and playing team sports.  I’d like to remind anyone who is athletically active, working out or playing sports intensively that muscles will tend to tighten up after physical exercise unless they are stretched during a cool down period.  They may progressively tighten after several sessions to the point where the next over extension, slip or fall results in pulled or torn muscle tissue or tendons.  It is also important to drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic & non-caffeine) to keep muscles well hydrated during exercise.  Dehydrated muscles are torn and injured more easily than hydrated muscles.

Sports massage can help to speed recovery after such sports injuries, but it is far better to use sports or deep tissue massage routinely during training to prevent this type of injury.  Work hard, play hard, stay safe and relax your body completely between events.  For more information on the benefits of sports massage, go to:

Don Gillmore, Licensed Massage Therapist(15 yrs), B.S.- Life Sciences


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