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Don Warren Pipes located in Albuquerque, New Mexico are “Made in the USA”.

You may browse handcrafted Don Warren tobacco pipes for sale such as Briar pipes, Morta pipes aka Bog Oak and Hardwood pipes such as Hickory, Maple, Pecan, Oak and Walnut. I also use ebonite, acrylic and deer antler in my freehand pipes.

Don Warren hand carved pipes listed here are also being sold at other venus, such as
pipes and cigars and PipeStud’s website. You may purchase my new Don Warren hand carved pipes and freehand pipes on ETSY and on my eBay store.

I will also have a limited number of my best Don Warren briar pipes, morta pipes and hardwood pipes available on this site at:
dW Pipes 4 Sale via credit card or payPal.

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interview at the 2015 West Coast Pipe Show.

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Don Warren Pipes to view my own videos on pipe making, pipe making materials, smoking pipes and tobacco pipes legislation.

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